Sunday, May 1, 2011

wake me up when May ends......

The first few weeks of May are very bittersweet for me, birthdays, my parents wedding anniversary but also a death & some sadness. Today is the ninth anniversary of my fathers death of course I knew this day was coming & I thought I would be ok but as soon as I woke up I went on Face Book to send some words of love to my siblings & my family had beat me to the punch with pictures and status about my dad & I immediately broke down, I'm already an emotional person but today I can't seem to dry my eyes, the natural bags under my eyes have seemed to triple in size •_• Nine years have come & gone but the pain does not ease I think about him everyday, time unfortunately is not healing this wound. To add to May's sorrow this time last year my mom started chemotherapy which of course was very hard but I'm happy to say today a year later she is 100% healthy. && all of her suffering last year is long gone, going through that I couldn't foresee her ever smiling or being her wise crack self again but thank God today she's happy & stronger than ever. ♥
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