Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Preview

Every time I get those Victoria's Secret catalogs I try to just throw them away without reading them because there's always a thousand things in there that I want! Well today I saw the words "Fall Preview" and just had to open it.....with that being said I'm sitting here gagging over boots, blouses, dresses and fur - not only Fall pieces but Winter as well smhhh

Love a Summer maxi dress! Love it even better in the Fall..
Quirky but right up MY alley, black please

These boots tho?! oh em gee

that ombre vest is everything

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oprah Instagramed a picture of herself at age 24 with the caption "my inner Gabby" I agree 100% Gabby Douglas definitely could be Oprah's daughter....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Black

I know the Summer is still going strong but my favorite season is Fall! And I cannot wait to start polishing my nails black annnnd the try out black lipstick YES girls BLACK LIPSTICK I have no idea how it's going to look on me but I love how it looks on Jessie J and when I saw Alicia Keys recently rock it on the cover of Vibe I knew it was werkable* for my complexion :-*

Now with this black lipstick you gotta make  sure you 

  • wear some blush so you don't look dead and washed out
  • keep your eyeshadow simple, I wouldn't even wear any, but a strong dark eyeliner
  • if its too too harsh for you, tone it down with a shiny gloss
NYX - Penelope $4

Manic Panic - Portmortem, $8.75 

Illamasqua - Pristine $22

MUFE Rouge Artist Intense - 50 Satin Black $19

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Bag

Nooooo not a bookbag as in a backpack, but a Clutch that looks like a great America novel. I personally love this but I'm sure feelings will be mixed. Back in 2009 Ms. Olympia Le-Tan launched this line of clutch purses which was inspired by her father's extensive book collection they are adorable but they're like $1500 FOH! If YOU got it like that you can purchase one or two here baller. I however will not be paying $1500 on a bag that is not an almighty Louis Vuitton ;-) I did find a DIY version WOOP WOOP! LOL 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Easy Breezy*

I’ve recently become ADDICTED to pinterest! I find way too many recipes,  tips and tricks not to share with you guys. This popsicle recipe is soo easy and the finish product is soooo nice looking – serve these to a guest and I’m sure they’ll be impressed. All you have to do is fill a popsicle mold with white grape juice, Capri sun or any other type of clear juice (or white wine!!) and add 
some sliced fresh fruit freeze for a few hours and VOILA! I’ve seen popsicle molds in the grocery store for $2.99 see EASY BREEZY..