Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Carter :-)

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

my eyes tear a lot therefore I always have issues with my eye liner smudging, one of my coworkers suggested Almay eyeliner and I was kind of skeptical because I'm more of a department store make-up girl versus a drug store make-up girl, however I purchased the Almay eyeliner and it came with their "dial up" mascara, when I tell you these two products work wonders!!! they are my new fav no smudging and my lashes look so full and rich. I highly recommend them both so don't under estimate the drug store brands :-)

Steppin' Out

Jessica Simpson may be an air head but that bish can design the sh*t outta some shoes I LOVE her stuff here's a few from her new collection



vaness army

my Fall favs

these are my personal favorite Fall trends, the items shown here are from
forever 21, zara, asos, victorias secret, old navy and the gap something for every budget....I actually have some of these pieces and plan on getting more

  • leather
  • capes
  • wide leg trousers
  • chunky knit sweaters
  • sheer
  • blazers
  • fur
  • pussy bows
  • Zara Blazer
    Gap Leather
    i'm not a fan of denim, but I LOVE these from asos
    Zara trousers
    forever21 plus sheer blouse
    Victoria's Secret Fur trimmed
    cardi <3
    another blazer from Zara
    Old Navy sheer blouse
    VS sheer boyfriend shirt
    F21 plus knit sweater
    my favorite piece!!!! Asos cape I gotta have this!!!

Fall Fingers

Soooo Fall is quickly approaching and I could'nt be more excited ; It's my favorite season! the crisp weather, the fashion and the baking :-)

 Here are the OPI and Essie Fall collections I am totally in love with the Essie collection, I would rock every single color! I made a note on my absolute favorites.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

gotta have it..

with Fall quickly approaching I have my eye on a few new pieces, i'm gonna be rocking a lot of wide leg trousers I brought 3 pairs this past weekend & love the way they fall. here's a few pieces from that I gotta have as well - check em out!

ASOS CURVE Contrast Fit And Flare Dress $60.30

ASOS CURVE Jersey Puff Sleeve Zip Back Top $34.48

ASOS CURVE Wide Leg Pants $51.72

Baked by Melissa

I don't know who Melissa is but I love her! I've been hearing about these lil babies for a few mos now but I didn't try them until recently and let me tell you i'm hooked! I've been there three times since last thursday. They are just perfect lil bite size flavor filled packages of heaven. LMAO that sounded so greedy but IDC! anyway they are mini cupcakes about the size of a quarter....$3 for 3 $10 for 12 and so on. my favorite is a tie between cookies & cream and s'mores. I highly suggest you guys try these out the next time your in Manhattan. There's a flavor to satisfy every palette333and because they are so small there's no way they can be fattening *wink* there's four different locations

529 Broadway

Union Square
7 East 14th Street

Grand Central
109 East 42nd Street

Fashion District
526 7th Avenue