Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday in Spring*

my day started eaaaaaaaarly this morning in Brooklyn ; soon after I went to one of my besties houses and we played dress (i'm his life sized doll) :-)

I helped him pick out some outfits  for his upcoming trip to Miami and he began some alterations on some of my dresses for my vacation to Vegas next month && started designing a custom denim jacket for me which I cannot wait for him to finish! 

NEXT we hit up the East Village, which is quickly becoming my favorite place in Manhattan. we hit up a few thrift shops and I found the sweetest sequins top for fifteen bucks!! then we hit Butter Lane for some cupcakes and champagne, got the tastiest  pizza for $1.50 and caught a few bargins on 34th st. I thoroughly enjoyed my day...I hope you did too


early am BK


salted caramel, the Elvis, Strawberry Banana

lol my lipstick

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Oooooohhhh and I split my pants so I had to purchase a pair of leggins on the go haha