Friday, May 27, 2011

something new

so yesterday for lunch I had Israeli food, I usually would’ve gotten a falafel sandwich but since I’m staying away from fried food I decided to order “chicken shawarma” for the first time, it was delicious AND healthy! It’s basically boneless, skinless, fatless chicken seasoned with a bunch of spices and herbs (it would be great on a plain green salad) Israeli salad, which was purple/green cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and a bunch of other fresh vegetables, with hummus and tahini sauce inside a pit pocket. I don’t know if it was this specific restaurant I got it from or if they are all that tasty but I LOVED it!! && I’m contemplating getting another one for lunch today, but I’m gonna omit the hummus and get the tahini sauce on the side because they both pack a lot of calories. I suggest you guys try it. It looks messy as hell but it’s also good as hell LOL :-)
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