Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I HATE the gym!!! I really don’t mind working out but the whole gym atmosphere blows me….I have some workout equipment at home and I use it with no problem, I can work out in anything I want at anytime I want && move at my own pace. Every time I prepare to go to the gym I get a headache ; no joke my body just HATES the gym. It’s sweaty, it’s funky, it’s germy, and it’s crowded UGH!!! Keep in mind I do go to an all female gym but it’s just gross, it makes me not wanna work out at all. I went to a different location than I normally do yesterday and I was just skeeved out! I stayed there for a total of 20 mins not wanting to touch ANYTHING…Like I’m really contemplating canceling my membership because I do way less of a workout when I’m at the gym versus when I’m at home. I do enjoy the classes but hey I can buy DVD’s for that right?? I’m gonna go back to my regular location tomorrow and if it’s not a little better I will be breaking my contract =/
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