Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Weekend I've Always Imagined

This past Saturday my oldest and dearest friend celebrated her Birthday which also happens to be Cinco De Mayo we definitely had a blast on Saturday between dinner, the Mayweather fight and too many shots. Sunday she and I headed to Atlantic City for a short getaway and we had a BALL! I promised myself I wouldn't over pack so I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum, looking back at the pics I wish I would've slightly over packed and brought different accessories with me because I wasn't really pleased with my outfits I still had a blast so eff it.

on the way to dinner

her Fabulous cupcakes made by moi*


I would not get out of this thing LMAO

I LOVE these leggings but I could not get a good pic of them :-(

THIS is what 18 years of friendship looks like <3
My Alter Ego DIRTY SANCHEZ ;-)
BIG $$$
straight like that

and the moral of the story is: true friendship is priceless