Sunday, May 13, 2012

Budget Beauty

For years I had my nose in the air and would only purchase cosmetics from MAC or Sephora but within the last year or so I started testing out some drug store brands, NYX and Wet n Wild are my current favorites and verrrrryyyy expensive -  the quality of Wet n Wild’s lipstick for only $2.49 is mind blowing! A few products that I use and love are:

Color Icon Brow & Liner Pencil - This  pencil is waxy it defines my brows and keeps them in perfect position. I have it in a taupe color so my brows don’t look all Dracula-ish $0.99

Mega Last Lip Color - This  lipstick goes on smooth & creamy and lasts! $2.49

Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio -These little eye shadow trios are pigmented so well and they're also convenient $2.99

Mega Last Nail Color - ALL nail polish chips I'm not even gonna front but the "pro brush" makes it  soooo easy to apply $0.99

Perfect Pair Eye Wand - 1/2 eyeliner 1/2 cream shadow quick and easy $3.99

Matte Lipstick - This lipstick also goes on smoothly with a great matte finish it doesn't last too long tho $6.00

Soft Matte Lip Cream - I like to wear these over lipstick to give them a slightly different color I don't like them alone they don't give enough coverage for me $6.00

Mega Shine Lip Gloss - When I want a nude lip that's not matte this mega shine lip gloss is my fav it covers my lips fully and adds a hint of color (and the bow on the top is adorable) $5.50

Slim Eye Pencil - Sometimes I like to add a pop of color with these eye pencils but again they don't last long at all I have to touch up frequently $3.50

Natural Loose Powder - When applying my foundation I almost always go for a matte finish for years I've been looking for a good loose powder but they all made me look ashy and ghostly someone suggested this Kiss powder to me I was kind of skeptical but I tried it & fell in love it gives me the matte finish I'm looking for but still glowy not all ashy the only thing that annoys me is the mess the loose powder makes it gets everywhere -__- $5.99