Friday, May 18, 2012

Handsome Anderson Clothing

One of my best friends is an up and coming designer, he customizes everything from T-Shirts to leather jackets. I always get compliments when I wear pieces he's made for me so I decided to share his talents with you all :-)


GlamBistro: When did you begin designing?
Handome Anderson: I began designing about three & a half years ago when I got tired of reaching for the same outfits in my closet! I didn't have money to buy flashy and expensive stuff so I just made my own.

GB: What or who inspires you to create new pieces? 
HA: Michael Jackson is the inspiration of some of my pieces but overall I am inspired by anything different or anything I've never seen before. I pretty much picture it in my head and make it come to life! 


GB: How can someone order one of your pieces?
HA: Email me at Any of my designs on denim and T-Shirts can be ordered over and over but my "The Glamorous Man" tuxedo shirts are only made in 3's so once I've made it for the 3rd time they can no longer be duplicated! I like knowing that only a select few own my tuxedo shirts.

this was designed for me :-)

GB: Who are your favorite designers? 
HA: I don't have one, I may see different pieces that I like but no one in particular.


GB: Describe your personal style...
HA: Neat and simple by day, A touch of culture and color (especially in the summer time) but at night I'm a totally different Handsome Anderson! Lets just say I do a really good job at "fitting in but standing out" when it comes to the New York City Nightlife :-)