Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Friday

  1. I'm the Best - I like this song a lot possibly my fav on the album, she incorporated the singing well on this one
  2. Roman’s Revenge - she went ham ; job well done
  3. Did it on Em – reminded me of “sucka free Nicki” good track
  4. Right Through Me - CUTE! She’s not the best singer but it works. One of my favs
  5. Fly – ehhhh…..next
  6. Save Me- I like this one, for more reasons than one
  7. Moment for Life- I like this, her flow is a little bubblegum-ish but the concept of the song is nice and being a Nicki fan for as long as I’ve been I feel proud for her, this IS her moment
  8. Check it Out- this beat and stuff is freaking annoying but what she’s saying is kinda dope….it has def grown on me
  9. Blazin’- I could’ve done with out this bs…I expected SO much more from her & Kanye cmon especially after Monster ; i'm disappointed =(
  10. Here I Am - this reminds me of mixtape Nicki I like *bops head* but why the hell is it so short?
  11. Dear Old Nicki- when I read this title I got really happy thinking she was gonna address her new image vs her mixtape days in an ill way uhhhh not so much…..this song is doo-doo-caca SMH
  12. Your Love -  I bump this because its funny to sing along too but its not her best work obviously, when I heard this months ago I DID NOT think it was gonna be on her album  but ok “ba dop da dop doe"
  13. Last chance - pure garbage ; she had similar songs on her mixtapes “ still I rise & autobiography” that trump this

Overall I understand where Nicki is going with the all of the bubble gum pop ish. She’s mainstream now and has a cult following of Barbs and Ken Barbs and those are the people who support her the most so she has to appeal to them I get it. I'm personally not a big fan of the new Nicki but I am a fan of the old mixtape Nicki which makes me a new Nicki fan by default I guess. I'm from Jamaica Queens and I’ve been a Nicki fan since her first mixtape Playtime is Over in 2007 me my cousin and my 2 homegirls used to bump Nicki and say “imagine if they played a Nicki record in the club" && now LOOK Nicki is on every radio station, tv show and her music is def being played in clubs now! Yeah i'm not totally feeling her new music but she’s doing her thing nonetheless. Kudos to her....she’s breaking records for female rappers..... I grew up in a Lil Kim era ---- shit we all did and I am a big Kim fan as well but let’s face it Kim fucked around with Biggie and that’s how she got put on, she had talent but she didn’t have mass appeal like Nicki does. Kim was great and I’m giving her much respect but Kim fell the fuck AWF! She’s been out of jail for the last 4/5 years and all she's done was one mixtape, she wasn’t grinding she was somewhere being lazy  getting her face snatched AGAIN. i guess she felt like her crown was being threatened by Ms. Minaj's success ; soooo to create a lil buzz for herself, instead of putting out some music and letting the competition play out on the charts she creates a buzz by talking shit about Nick….okay Kimmie good job. "Black Friday” was hot  I can't front she went in but now* what???? you said your piece let’s hear your album? a mixtape? something...cus ONE mixtape in five years a T Pain feature and Dancing w/the Stars ain't cutting it....unfortunately "Nicki Minaj you ain't fucking with" =/

All in all Pink Friday is not what I personally would have wanted Nicki’s first album to sound like but being a day one Nicki fan i'm happy that she even has an album out! =) 

Lighters Up > Massive Attack
Playtime is Over > The Jump Off
Queen Bitch = Go Hard
I Get Crazy > Shut Up Bitch
Freaky Girl < Lil Freak
Big Mama Thang > Did it on Em

It's really unfortunate bc I'm a fan of both these ladies...but you know a weak female *cough cough* Kim ; can never give another hot chick props...