Thursday, December 6, 2012


As I've stated before I'm obsessed with Pinterest ! Scrolling through my feed one day I came across a Bedazzled Patron Bottle  and fell in love. I automatically thought of a friend that would appreciate this as a gift as much as I would - so I decided for Christmas I would make a few batches of my infamous Coquito, (I'll share the recipe with you guys next week) bottle it and bedazzle the bottles for Christmas gifts. So I went to Michael's and got everything I needed. I thought it would take my impatient ass a long time to finish one bottle but surprisngly I finished it in a few hours *pats self on back*

                                             What You'll Need
the bottle of your choice

rubber cement

rhinestones of choice
the original bottle

I'm wearing a mask because the rubber cement is strong

my finished product

I got everything except the bottles at Michael's, they were from Home Goods, also you can use tweezers to place the rhinestones but I worked much faster using my fingers. You have to use a lot of rubber cement to secure to stones so don't be afraid to slap it on! I used a whole bottle of cement for this one bottle.