Monday, September 30, 2013

Bad Gal RiRi

I'm NOT a fan of Rihanna's IDGAF attitude 

Her cyber bullying disgusts me 

She's a gorgeous girl with a great career but it's obvious she's insecure. I feel that all women - especially those as beautiful as RiRi should be able to compliment and uplift other women, Ri is always running her mouth cursing somebody out via social network and it reveals nothing but insecurity. Now I know many people "Stan" for Ri and that catty attitude of hers will totally disagree with me and that's fine BUT this is my damn blog and I'm expressing MY opinion! 

She needs to chill....

Anyhoo her new MAC collection is to die for and she looks absolutely amazing on the November cover of Glamour magazine.

Fun Fact: I luh me some matte lipstick! 

L-R Nude. Who's That Chick. RiRi Woo. Talk That Talk.

L-R RiRi Woo RiRi Boy Heaux
I've been rocking Rih Rih Boy all summer and now I can't wait to get my hands on "Talk That Talk" and "Nude" from the Fall collection. I Also want the bronzer blush duo, it reminds me of the NARS Laguna/Orgasm duo

It hit MAC boutiques on September 26th but it will be available online on September 30and at all other MAC counters October 3rd

What will you be purchasing?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Have ya'll ever peeped Beyonce's nails?

They always give a hood nail shoppe tease! 

I see you gettin' your Brooklyn on Bey ;-)

Friday, September 27, 2013

UGH, As If!

Currently trending are plaids, tartan & all things lumber jack print! These patterns quickly gave me flashbacks to one of my favorite 90's movies Clueless! All of the fab ladies Cher, Dionne, Tai & Amber rocked a plaid print at some point in the movie.

 Of course the ladies did it over the top & dramatic, head to toe but there are plenty of subtle ways to rock your plaid from shirts, to bows, to scarves, to shoes so let's get into it! $19.80-$22.80 $40.50 & $70.80 $75.94 & $143.45

L-R $185 $17.95 $2.80 

L-R $50.60 $27 $17.72

                                                   here's a little fashion inspiration!

Add caption

over. the. top.

I LOVE to mix prints & this combo is perfect!

so chic with the leather.

dress your plaids up or down. minimal or maximum. leather, pleated, flowy or fitted how will you be rocking your tartan???

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Want Wednesday

This week the baker in me wants/needs a new hand mixer! Of course I have a kitchenaid stand mixer but my lil hand mixer is on it's last leg :-( of course I want the hot pink one but it doesn't match my kitchen decor so the red will do :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What I Want Wednesday

I'm a head gear girl I love hats, turbans, headbands, etc I don't know how I'm going to pull that off this Fall/Winter with a short do but I'm lusting over headpieces anyway. This week I want this Spiked Vinyl Trooper Hat from Patricia it's so funky and cool the styling possibilities are endless. 


Friday, September 6, 2013

Soooooooooooo after much debating I ditched my weave (OMG!) and did the big chop! I was inspired by all of these fab 90's women to get a short, chic do' I was very nervous as I sat in the salon chair while my stylist was snipping and shearing but when she spun my chair around I instantly fell in love 


Halle Berry

Demi Moore

Kim Fields aka Regine Hunter honey!

Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable

Tisha Campbell aka Gina Waters


side view

one thing i don't like about my no weave situation is all of the effort I have to but into my hair aka flat ironing, curling, etc. this definitely is not wash n go hair :-/

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Want Wednesday

In An effort to post more I have come up with a few recurring weekly blogs the first one is "What I Want Wednesday" each week I will post an item or two or three that I want so here's this weeks - 

Two Winter Coats LOL like I said on Monday I am read for Fall and Cold weather! I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority on that one but I just love fly coats and boots and scarves etc.......SUE ME!

So they're both from H&M both $59.95! O_O

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall Preview*

I've been gone for a minute but I'm back with the jump off!

........And that "jump off" is the Fall 2013 preview!! all under $50. YES it's only September 2nd and we have 20 more days left of Summer but personally I'm ready for Fall fashion! Boots, Bangs and Black Nail Polish!Here's a few pieces I'll be adding to my personal wardrobe in the upcoming weeks

Let's start with a few pairs of ankle booties, I love the buckle details on all four of these: 

Growing up I was told "no white after Labor Day" BUT it's 2013 and "Winter White" is way too chic to not rock...

 Sporty Chic is all the rage

 Thanx to Kimye I'm attracted to all things (p)leather
 I've been on the prowl ALL summer for a pair of plus size palazzo pants and I've FINALLY found a pair

Every gal needs a leather bomber for the Fall, wrap a chunky scarf around your neck & your ready for those chilly nights....