Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love Kimye *don't shoot*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brighter, Chunkier, Better

Men despise wedges I know this but sometimes I don’t care! Almost every guy I’ve dated has made a negative comment about wedges but I love them in the spring and summer (ONLY) I’ll rock them anywhere but on a date. I love colorful patterned wedges with the toes out in the warmer months - I cant take them in the winter! I feel like a funky pair of wedges can turn a blah outfit into something amazing ; the brighter, the chunkier, the better!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


With summer approaching and vacations coming up myself and my friends are on the hunt for swimsuits! While bikinis are sexy and fun every woman doesn’t feel comfortable in a tiny bikini. I know I definitely do not. A lot of people think one pieces are corny and boring but I always find  sexy AND flattering one pieces, also for my girls that can wear bikinis but don’t have COMPLETELY flat stomachs and need a little more coverage I’ve found some vintage inspired high waist bikini’s they give more coverage than a traditional bikini. You don’t have to be super slim to look good on the beach as long as you choose a design that compliments YOUR figure and wear it with confidence you’ll be good. There are suits for every budget out there from Bloomingdales to Walmart  ;-)

$140 $98



$140 $98



$54.94 $50
















Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedge Sneakers

One of the latest celebrity trends is the wedge sneaker, lucky for us because it gives those stilettos a rest. I personally have mixed feelings about these ;  the best looking pair to me are the Willows by Isabel Marant because the wedge is concealed so they look like a pair of dope high tops - BUT that wedge bothers me! Like they're high top SNEAKERS I wear sneakers to workout and maaaaaybe*  run errands (not likely) although wedges are comfortable and easy to walk in if I'm gonna purchase a sneaker I want it to be 100% comfortable. 

The Willow by Isabel Marant, $680 are the most popular

 Marc Jacobs has his own version "the runway" $320 

and I found a less expensive version by Ash NYC $250

Tracee Ellis rocked em best!

PLEASE excuse the picture quality! my computer has virus so I wrote this post from my phone and the pics are crappy...
This weekend I went shopping with some friends from out of town and I finally got a chance to visit Georgetown Cupcakes newest location here in NYC, it was nothing short of amazing! I was VERY impressed...unfortunately I didn't get many pictures. I sampled the coconut and chocolate fudge let me tell you it's Monday and I'm STILL thinking about that damn coconut cupcake! It was delicious, I'm definitely going to recreate that recipe.

Also while shopping I bumped into Mia from Diary of a Fatshionista! Although I felt like a creep I did stop her and ask for a picture I'm a big fan of her blog so I had to say hello I'm glad I did because she was a doll  :-)

I know this trend is OLD but I'm in love with turbans! *shrugs*