Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedge Sneakers

One of the latest celebrity trends is the wedge sneaker, lucky for us because it gives those stilettos a rest. I personally have mixed feelings about these ;  the best looking pair to me are the Willows by Isabel Marant because the wedge is concealed so they look like a pair of dope high tops - BUT that wedge bothers me! Like they're high top SNEAKERS I wear sneakers to workout and maaaaaybe*  run errands (not likely) although wedges are comfortable and easy to walk in if I'm gonna purchase a sneaker I want it to be 100% comfortable. 

The Willow by Isabel Marant, $680 are the most popular

 Marc Jacobs has his own version "the runway" $320 

and I found a less expensive version by Ash NYC $250

Tracee Ellis rocked em best!

PLEASE excuse the picture quality! my computer has virus so I wrote this post from my phone and the pics are crappy...