Thursday, April 19, 2012


With summer approaching and vacations coming up myself and my friends are on the hunt for swimsuits! While bikinis are sexy and fun every woman doesn’t feel comfortable in a tiny bikini. I know I definitely do not. A lot of people think one pieces are corny and boring but I always find  sexy AND flattering one pieces, also for my girls that can wear bikinis but don’t have COMPLETELY flat stomachs and need a little more coverage I’ve found some vintage inspired high waist bikini’s they give more coverage than a traditional bikini. You don’t have to be super slim to look good on the beach as long as you choose a design that compliments YOUR figure and wear it with confidence you’ll be good. There are suits for every budget out there from Bloomingdales to Walmart  ;-)

$140 $98



$140 $98



$54.94 $50