Friday, March 2, 2012

Louboutin Splash

BET’s Rip the Runway fashion show was taped the other night and of course pictures of everyone’s outfits are circulating. I’m usually a fan of Ms. Emily B's style but I wasn’t really feeling her look. She wore a body hugging Wolford dress which fit her like a glove but it didn’t really impress me. Especially not for a FASHION show. It was very average ; but that wasn’t my problem oh nooooo MY problem was her shoes! OH-EM-GEE I do not care that they were $1595.00 Loubs, they reminded me of those cheap tacky “bedroom” shoes you see in dusty lingerie stores, you know the ones that look better on the floor than they actually do on your feet SMH I can't i'm just not a fan of these and I LOVE fur! blahhhhh