Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In my personal opinion shapewear is a strong foundation for a gorgeous outfit. Slim women turn their noses up to us fuller figure girls who do wear shapewear ;  but you gals who are not 100% tight look SLOPPY without it! Now don't get me wrong I don't wear shapewear everyday of my life but when I have on a body hugging dress or a crop top you won't catch me slipping. I just feel like everything looks so much better when you have a nice smooth silhouette. Your favorite's Beyonce and Kim Kardashian even wear shapewear HA! 

Kim K #shapewear

Khloe K #shapewear

Beyonce #shapewear AND Stockings

Eva Longoria #shapewear



Victoria's Secret

Another thing that grinds my gears is women who don't wear stockings in the don't look sexy you look STUPID! There's sooooooooo many sexy pairs of stockings c'mon! My personal favorite stockings are sheer and nude my legs look airbrushed! my personal favorite body shaper is a thong waist cincher from Victoria's Secret holds in my tummy and allows my hips and booty to be free ;-) Now that I've given you my secrets (LOL) use them! PLEASE invest in your foundation ladies, it's just as important as your dress or shoes, without it your whole look is ruined - I'm tired of seeing your guts and jiggly thighs. 
House of Holland


PS I'm not trying to offend ANYONE I have a pudgy stomach and jiggly thighs but you would never know because I have the correct foundation :-) 

your truly in stockings and shapewear

me again stockings and shapewear