Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Blue

I’m 24 years old, I’ve been getting manicures since I was 13 never have I eeeeeever thought about choosing blue for my mani or pedi! It has always been for the birds to me, I hate hate haaaaated it! 

….Until a few mos ago when I spotted a pregnant Beyonce with blue nails and thought Bey is on her BK sh*t with these blue claws ;  it really didn’t look THAT bad but I still didn't get it. 

Now that she’s birthed a beautiful baby girl named Blue I think the blue nails are adorable FOR HER. King Bey being the trend setter she is has women across the country going mad with the blue nail polish! What people fail to realize is nail polish is like lipstick you have to find the perfect shade that compliments YOUR complexion. I know we all wanna follow Bey’s lead and emulate her style but the shades she wears work for her*

with that being said ladies find a shade that works for YOU! I’m not sure if I’ll be following this trend but if your thinking about it I have found a few different shades of blue that you can try based on your complexion J

aqua glitter forever21.com

ocean blue forever21.com

blue label nordstrom.com

electric blue nordstrom.com

blue my mind opi.com

yoga-ta get this blue! opi.com

charla zoya.com

tart zoya.com

coat azure essie.com

mezmerised essie.com