Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loyalty is Royalty!

I'm proud to say my friend Shaneka and her sister, Shakiea recently started an online jewelry boutique called LisR, they have amazing pieces at greater prices, I sat down with the ladies to discuss their new venture..

What inspired you guys to start an online boutique?

We wanted a place where ladies can go to find affordable accessories that looks expensive. We believe accessories are [most of the time] what makes an outfit. As young women, we’ve been disappointed many times after going to a popular store and not finding any FASHION jewelry that would both complement our outfit and not cost an arm and a leg. We want to be that one place a girl (of any age) can go and complete her outfit.

We also wanted to find a way to bring women together. We have many events in which we invite our customers to join us in donating and volunteering with us. (This includes the Breast Cancer Walk, Diabetes walk, Volunteering at local soup kitchens, constant giveaway etc.) We want every woman to feel like “Royalty” and want to give back to our community any way that we can. We also participated in the WBLS, Circle of Sisters Expo at Jabob Javits Center this October.

Why the name Loyalty is Royalty?

The saying “Loyalty is Royalty” is a very special phrase to us. Years ago, as we sat around having dinner with our closest friends, this quote was used to describe our bond as friends. If you don’t have a lot of money but you have a small group of people that you love and have everlasting loyalty to you, you are guaranteed to be happy. You trust them. You know if you don’t have anything else, you have them. That in itself promotes the feeling of “Royalty”. Add a couple of glitzy accessories and you’re bound to look the part!
Back to the money. Here at LisR, you can look Royal without spending all your hard earned money. As our site grows and we continue to grow our selection we always keep the word affordable in the back of our head. We feel we owe that much loyalty to our customers.

Who are your favorite designers?

 Some of our favorite jewelry designers include Tiffany & co, David Yurman, Hermes, Christian Dior and Tory Burch. Although they are very expensive each of these designers have unique pieces.

Do you guys do all the buying for the store?

Yes. We have each have different styles and feel that this is helpful in giving our clients a wide variety of items to choose from.

Do you take custom orders? What’s your price range?

Yes. We do take custom orders. If a customer would like an item in a different color or size, they have the option to contact us. We will try to get the item that is being requested. Custom orders also apply to our t-shirts. Although not [yet] available for the general public, we do sell them and they can customize completely as desired.

Everything on our site is affordable. There are items that start at $6.00 and nothing exceeds $50.00. We believe this sets us apart from the rest. Our customers know that our price are reasonable and a created intentionally to not “break the bank”

Do you do in home jewelry parties?

Yes! We do jewelry parties at homes, offices and selected venues. If you would like to see our jewelry in person, you have the option of throwing a jewelry party. This can be a small event that last up to an hour after work or a larger event that last all day. There is no cost to throw a jewelry party, and we’re available throughout the tri-state area. We also provide jewelry for bridal parties, photo shoots and fashion shows. Jewelry parties are becoming a trend and are especially popular around the holidays. Although last minute jewelry parties are acceptable, it’s recommended that a host schedule her party 3 weeks in advance to guarantee desired date availability.

I really love the meaning behind the company name, I suggest you guys check out   and support these ladies Because Loyalty is Royalty...