Sunday, March 13, 2011


There are a two different types of girls ; Type A: the ones who party every other night, wake up still drunk & clock into a dead end job they enjoy life because they're attractive, they're known on the scene, they are tatted up pierced from head to toe, they fuck for handbags, they're dressed in the trendiest clothes due to boosting/credit card scams & to them they are living the life BUT they are going nowhere fast! from the outside they are gorgeous they look like something a man would want on his arm but look closer, they don't even know about the world around them, can't hold a decent conversation, never picked up a newspaper or book. they don't even realize there's SO much more to be living for. $30,000 a year ain't shit! & the fads of today will not help them in their future....

Then you have Type B your high sidity girls you know the ones who won't settle for less, the ones who are constantly moving & grinding - yeah we like to party & have a good time but we also know where we're at is not where we wanna stay, we're always looking for more. a main job, a side hustle, a connect, whatever it takes to get us to the next level to make sure our future is secure. not that we aren't trendy or tatted or MAC made up its just that under all of that we've got a brain strip us down from all of our Louie Vuitton, blush & weaves & we can hold an intellectual convo you know the type of chick to build you up...not bring you down

Ya'll notice when referencing the Type A I said "they" & Type B I said "we" hahaha