Wednesday, March 9, 2011

100 Day Challenge Day 1

Ok so on of my Face Book friends (hey Jessica) recently started something called "The 100 Day Challenge" in which you post a picture every day for obviously 100 days. Since I am a picture whore and I love going through old pictures and reliving memories I decided to follow her lead and take the challenge so here we are  ----->

Day 1 - a picture of yourself with 15 facts

I ♥ this picture circa 2007


  1. I'm 20 plus years old no sons no daughters
  3. Lucky Lefty
  4. my zodiac sign is Cancer *sigh*
  5. Britnee & Junior's Godmommy ♥
  6. make-up junkie
  7. I love to bake
  8. I get annoyed really quickly =/
  9. I cannot parallel park -_-
  10. my favorite color is P!NK
  11. I wear contacts
  12. my favorite store is Target
  13. I hate tattoos
  14. I never leave the house without concealor
  15. I live in Queens*