Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kasmo Huxtable

A few months ago I came across some work of a unique writer by the name of Kasmo Huxtable, I was instantly wrapped up in the short stories on his blog and purchased his collection of short stories on my kindle. I absolutely love his work and I’m sure if you read it you’ll fall in love too. Its funny, erotic and real! I got the chance to ask him a few questions about himself and his writing. When your done reading that make your way over to his blog and see his skills for yourself.

Glam Bistro: When did you begin writing?

Kasmo Huxtable: I’ve been writing since around Pre-K just like most human beings. But I was
always creative and witty since a little boy. I love thinking outside the box even while inside some box.

GB: Are all of the characters in your books/ short stories fictional? ….Some of them sound pretty familiar *side eye*

KH: In my short stories all the main characters are people I know
personally. Sometimes they help out on the story line sometimes they
leave me with all the creative control. In my book She's Bad most of
the characters are made up but influenced by things me and my friends

GB: You must A: have a lot of chicks or B: be cool with a lot of chicks because you describe people, places and actions very well in your stories it’s like you know exactly what all types of women want from their men, what or who inspires your writing?

KH: Life inspires my writing. I'm from New York City which is probably the most exciting and corrupted place on earth. My home girls tell me stories all the time. I remix the stuff they tell me for my stories.

GB: Where can your books be purchased?

KH: My books can be purchased on my site and
I'm independent eating like the Klumps. I've received offers from several publishing companies this year though. My first book She's Bad will be re-released by a publishing company sometime next year. The good thing about books they never grow old. What you read a year ago might be brand new to somebody else today

GB: Why the name Kasmo Huxtable?

KH: Kasmo Huxtable is my radio name. My real name is Kasim. The Cosby show
was dope to me growing up. The show promoted Black success and they was from my hometown Brooklyn!

Also be sure to listen to Kasmo’s radio show on Tuesday's 6PM-8PM at