Thursday, September 1, 2011

Glammed Up Grays

I just came across a pic from Jason Wu's Fall 2011 collection, it's a basic gray sweatshirt but the arms are adorned with my personal fav - LACE . . . this is reeeeeally funny to me because just last week I was in the fashion district with 1 of my BFF's & we saw some gorgeous lace trim on sale. I wanted to purchase it but I couldn't figure out what the hell I would do with it. NOW I know! I'm going to purchase a basic sweatshirt, the lace trim, some fabric glue & get to work. The 1st two photos are from Jason Wu's Fall collection & retail for $1,195.00 the 3rd photo is from Top Shop & that one is $72 which is WAY more reasonable AND it's cuter but mine will be even cheaper than that and it'll be custom. . . one of a kind ;-) I'll definetely post pictures of my finished product.
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