Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nubian Princess

Every woman has her own style and that’s great, my personal style includes hair extensions, make-up, and trendy clothes. NO that does not make me and NO I don’t feel like I NEED those things. I think I’m fine without them I just prefer them. YES I perm my hair not because I wanna look like a white woman but because I don’t like the look of kinks it doesn’t work for me. Some women prefer short hair cuts and dreads because they want their inner beauty to show, I say if your inner is that beautiful it will show whether you’re dressed in drag or a paper bag. BUT these same women with these bald haircuts wear the scankiest clothes O_o I don’t get it, isn’t that defeating the whole purpose of your inner beauty image?? -gee let me cut my hair off but push my breasts up to my chin in the lowest cut shirt and the tightest dress OR let me dye my “natural” dread locks bright orange…why are you dying your “natural” hair tho?? Is it to look like the Kool-aid man? Yeah me and my relaxer are tryna look white and you and your candy colored hair are tryna look like a cartoon character. I just don’t understand. To each her own buuuuut don’t judge those of us who like to get glammed up by calling us “fake” and accuse us of selling out or trying to be white when your “demeaning” yourself in a different way. Hair, clothes, shoes, make-up, self image in general ; they are all ways to express yourself…..everyone is entitled to express themselves so don’t judge us for our expressions and we wont judge you for being too cheap and lazy to get your hair done and opting out for a $10 caesar -_-