Monday, April 18, 2011

Galaxy Tab

So I’ve had my Galaxy Tab for a little over a week now and I absolutely love it! NO it’s not an iPad but I have an iPod touch to fill that void & I already had a TMobile contract so this was much more convenient for me. my only issue with the tab (so far) are the apps ; there aren’t nearly as many as apple BUT again I have my iTouch for that. & there's so much more to do besides apps, i'm using it for business as well as pleasure. I’ve been neglecting my Blackberry all week because I’m so infatuated with my new toy! It came preloaded with the Amazon Kindle but I really didn’t like the format of that so I downloaded the Barnes & Noble Nook which is excellent. I’m still becoming familiar with the Android layout but I’m learning new things everyday. If your interested in a laptop or and iPad I would suggest you research the Samsung Galaxy Tab :-)
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