Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Friday

  1. I'm the Best - I like this song a lot possibly my fav on the album, she incorporated the singing well on this one
  2. Roman’s Revenge - she went ham ; job well done
  3. Did it on Em – reminded me of “sucka free Nicki” good track
  4. Right Through Me - CUTE! She’s not the best singer but it works. One of my favs
  5. Fly – ehhhh…..next
  6. Save Me- I like this one, for more reasons than one
  7. Moment for Life- I like this, her flow is a little bubblegum-ish but the concept of the song is nice and being a Nicki fan for as long as I’ve been I feel proud for her, this IS her moment
  8. Check it Out- this beat and stuff is freaking annoying but what she’s saying is kinda dope….it has def grown on me
  9. Blazin’- I could’ve done with out this bs…I expected SO much more from her & Kanye cmon especially after Monster ; i'm disappointed =(
  10. Here I Am - this reminds me of mixtape Nicki I like *bops head* but why the hell is it so short?
  11. Dear Old Nicki- when I read this title I got really happy thinking she was gonna address her new image vs her mixtape days in an ill way uhhhh not so much…..this song is doo-doo-caca SMH
  12. Your Love -  I bump this because its funny to sing along too but its not her best work obviously, when I heard this months ago I DID NOT think it was gonna be on her album  but ok “ba dop da dop doe"
  13. Last chance - pure garbage ; she had similar songs on her mixtapes “ still I rise & autobiography” that trump this

Overall I understand where Nicki is going with the all of the bubble gum pop ish. She’s mainstream now and has a cult following of Barbs and Ken Barbs and those are the people who support her the most so she has to appeal to them I get it. I'm personally not a big fan of the new Nicki but I am a fan of the old mixtape Nicki which makes me a new Nicki fan by default I guess. I'm from Jamaica Queens and I’ve been a Nicki fan since her first mixtape Playtime is Over in 2007 me my cousin and my 2 homegirls used to bump Nicki and say “imagine if they played a Nicki record in the club" && now LOOK Nicki is on every radio station, tv show and her music is def being played in clubs now! Yeah i'm not totally feeling her new music but she’s doing her thing nonetheless. Kudos to her....she’s breaking records for female rappers..... I grew up in a Lil Kim era ---- shit we all did and I am a big Kim fan as well but let’s face it Kim fucked around with Biggie and that’s how she got put on, she had talent but she didn’t have mass appeal like Nicki does. Kim was great and I’m giving her much respect but Kim fell the fuck AWF! She’s been out of jail for the last 4/5 years and all she's done was one mixtape, she wasn’t grinding she was somewhere being lazy  getting her face snatched AGAIN. i guess she felt like her crown was being threatened by Ms. Minaj's success ; soooo to create a lil buzz for herself, instead of putting out some music and letting the competition play out on the charts she creates a buzz by talking shit about Nick….okay Kimmie good job. "Black Friday” was hot  I can't front she went in but now* what???? you said your piece let’s hear your album? a mixtape? something...cus ONE mixtape in five years a T Pain feature and Dancing w/the Stars ain't cutting it....unfortunately "Nicki Minaj you ain't fucking with" =/

All in all Pink Friday is not what I personally would have wanted Nicki’s first album to sound like but being a day one Nicki fan i'm happy that she even has an album out! =) 

Lighters Up > Massive Attack
Playtime is Over > The Jump Off
Queen Bitch = Go Hard
I Get Crazy > Shut Up Bitch
Freaky Girl < Lil Freak
Big Mama Thang > Did it on Em

It's really unfortunate bc I'm a fan of both these ladies...but you know a weak female *cough cough* Kim ; can never give another hot chick props...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


How many horses in this picture? You should find seven.

a face? or the word liar?

do you see the baby?????

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Lip Balm

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 is my favorite effing lip product ever!!!!!

I prefer the cranberry & mango over the non scented one though. It's not greasy, gooey or sticky it's just perfect.....to me *shrugs* anyway they're $9.00 each, I've always gotten mine at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom but there are flagship stores in the city. Last Christmas I brought the 40th anniversary gift pack for $36 - which included 6 tubes ; I gave the original to my mom and I still have 1 or 2 unopened and it's damn near a year later. This year for the holidays they have a 4 pack for $29 so your paying for 3 & getting 1 free trust me ladies it's worth the investment!

OHHHH they also have tinted colors, I purchased one but never really used it...If one of you tries it out lemme know..

Married to the MOB Holiday Collection

MOB is a street wear brand that I've been familiar with for a few years now, I have a few tees from them but every season they just get better and better ; they're quickly becoming more and more known, in case your unfamiliar with them I'll put you on. I love them mainly because all of their t-shirts have these sassy, boss bish quotes! here are a few pieces from their 2010 Holiday Collection.

The "good girls bend" tee is my FAV!!! *adds to wishlist*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

less IS more........Right?

Ever since I was a child my parents have always “spoiled” me and gotten me everything I’ve wanted BUT I had to EARN it. I had chores and my report card had to be on point. When I talked back to my mother or got a mediocre grade I got less treats.

As an adult with no children and a good job I’m in a position to get myself basically whatever I need and want. Whenever I go to the mall, browse a magazine or a website if there’s something that catches my eye I purchase it for myself. The other day I was in Sephora and I purchased an eye shadow quad, as soon as I got into the car a voice in my head said “gurl you already have all of these colors at home” sooo I went right to another Sephora and returned it! When I got home I started going through all of my make up and accessories and realized I had a lot of stuff that I don’t use, some stuff not even opened. Then I went through my shoes 3 diff pairs of leopard flats, three of this two of that….FOR WHAT? Yeah it’s nice to have options but I think its getting kind of ridiculous, so I’ve decided  I’m going to start setting goals for myself and if I achieve them then I’ll reward myself by getting something I want because I’m getting out of control I always find myself throwing stuff out or giving it away which is a total waste.

 I mean I need to be  saving money for a rainy day right?? =/.

I’ve created a “wish list” of things that I want BUT I’m going to try my hardest not to get them until I reach some sort of goal. I haven’t come up with any specific goals yet, I have to think carefully about that. &&& since Christmas is coming up I’ll share my wish list with you guys just in case you wanna reward me for being a good girl  HA!

Kitchen Aide Artisan Stand Mixer $299.00 
(cook for the cure edition)
Sephora Collection Midnight Train Case $92  

CHI Classic Flat Iron $99

Oneida 24 Cup Cake Carrier

I definitely will be adding more things to the list, i'm just that* kinda gal ;-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats

Hey Dolls!

This am on my way to work I had a shoe dilemma, I had no time to go home and change so I ran into a Rite Aid and grabbed a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats. They really saved the day. A decent pair of black ballet flats w/a gold clutch to store them in for $9.99!!!! Don’t get me wrong they aren’t absolutely fabulous as a pair of Miu Miu or Tori Burch flats but to be comfortable, inexpensive and easy to store they are just fine. Unfortunately I had to walk a long distance in the street with them so I felt everything on the ground including the cold ; BUT for a night that your stilettos are KILLING you they are perfect. Since I’m a pocketbook hoarder (I carry the most random junk in my bag) I’m def throwing them in there in case of emergency. I got mine from Rite Aid but they are sold at the usual drugstores Walgreen's ; CVS ; Duane Reade. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm a huge fan of dresses no matter the season, browsing VictoriasSecret.com I came across these few that I totally LOVE so I decided to share.

They're all about $78 since I'm obsessed with pearls the last one of course is my fav ; with a soft pink pump niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Hello Dolls!

As some of you may know I was shortly associated with another blog, which didn't quite work out ; although I do wish those ladies ALL the best I work SO much better solo. So here I am with my brand new blog "Glam Bistro" where I'll bring you my favorites in food, fashion, beauty & all things GLAM. this blog is going to be totally random snippets, facts, opinions, pics & tips from my life, I hope you guys enjoy!

In case you werent aware of the previous blog im going to post my intro of who I am and what i'm about....

Here it goes----->

Hello, my name is Shaniqua (all my friends call me NiQ, I guess you can too) I am what you would call a domestic diva*. While I enjoy dressing up and being pampered I have a passion for cooking and making my personal space comfortable and stylish. Unlike most diva’s I have no problem getting down and dirty, being domestic. I’m your typical 23 year old woman experiencing the joys and pains of dating, working and growing. I’m also a Christian which makes me different from most but I’ll save that for another post. Here’s the short version of how George Ellis came into fruition.

So rewind 6 years I’m a 17 year old HS senior totally unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, I figured I’d go to college for four years, major in Business Management and become some sort of business woman *blank stare*. I had no idea what type of business I was going to manage at all. So instead I majored in Business administration and figured I’d use that degree in a corporate setting. Fast forward 4 years I’m now 20 years old and I absolutely hate school. I decide this is going to be my last semester here there’s gotta be something better. As the summer and my 21st birthday approach I have a random conversation with a coworker who had recently graduated from culinary school (she has no idea but that convo changed my life!!!) I decide after the summer I have to get on my grind and look for a fulltime job (my mom’s requirement being that I wasn’t in school) and research this culinary thing.

The job came fairly easy but the school situation not so much. I found the perfect school but they didn’t have any type of financial aid only a loan. I was all for it but my mom talked me out of getting a loan for over $25,000 at such a young age so I figured I’d wait a couple mos give it some thought. A few mos later I got a call from the school saying they now had government financial aid, my prayers were answered! NOT apparently I made too much money to be covered fully so they offered me a whoping $3,000 I finally said eff it and filled out an application for the loan, it didn’t go through *sigh* I didn’t give up my culinary dreams, I read books, watch shows and documentaries all the time to better my skills.

Since my friends and family always ask me to prepare food for events I decided to turn it into a business, George Ellis Catering (after my dad who passed). A few people told me I don’t need a culinary degree, I have a God given talent look at Rachael Ray she has no degree, she’s not a chef she is cook who America has fallen in love with. I personally want a degree, I want to be titled chef and not cook but right now it is what it is. For the most part my small business that I run out of my home kitchen does pretty well there are slow months but when business is booming it is BOOMING. I’m happy that I can share my love and passion for food with my customers. My life hasn’t turned out how I expected it to, but I am so happy with the way things are. I know only great things lie ahead of me.